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If you are entitled to a grant then 100% we will take it and use it as payment. To find out if you are entitled check out

Yes! Any consultation before signing a contract is completely free. If you have a load of questions, ask away.

At GOAT Sites we commit to a lifetime of a simple 40% deposit up front and 60% upon completion and review to make sure you don’t pay for something you are not happy with.

All you need to get started is the type of website you would like built, (brochure, e-commerce or a web app like Moodle for example). Your developer will get a feel for your business before they start so if you are unsure in terms of content or the type of media to include then they will be more then happy to write it for you.

We offer maintenance plans that will keep your website security and software updated as well as write more content for you, at a monthly cost (see our Services Page). If you want to maintain the website yourself just mention it to your developer and they can help you get set up to give you the best chance of keeping it live.

Don’t hesitate to Contact us or feel free to fill out a form and a developer will get back to you.