About Us

Who Are We?

Why Did We Get Started?

How Does That Benefit You?

Freelance Level Personality
Agency Level Results

Having formed in 2020 we knew exactly what we wanted from GOAT Sites. All the direct access of a freelance developer but with the time and resources we need to build out your online brand.

What Makes Us Different?

Innovative Process

Our exclusive system of building client’s brands can only be found at GOAT Sites.


Website Development is an ever-growing industry and our young team are proficient in every modern tool.


We might be slightly bias, but we truly believe we build the best and cleanest websites around.

After Care

Where we truly stand out is the support we offer to businesses to maintain their online brands after they are developed.

Our Goals:

To Get Entrepreneurs Started Online

Have you ever wanted to set up an online shop or store as a potential income stream or side hustle? This is one of our specialties as your developer will work with you from the ground up to give you the best chance of making it.

To Provide Tangible Results to Businesses

If you feel your business is missing out as a result of your digital presence of lack thereof, get in contact and a developer will be happy to answer any questions about how we can help boost your brand. 

To Help Businesses Survive Covid

One of the main reasons we felt the need to provide this service was because of the terrible effect this pandemic has had on small businesses. It’s more important now then ever to have a website that represents your brand at an affordable price.

Why You Should Choose GOAT Sites Over Other Waterford Website Builders

Because we were set up with you in mind.

Because our prices reflect the current economic climate while not letting our high standards slip. 

Because we do the following better then anyone else around


No matter if you have a picture or no idea of what you want you website to look like, rest assured, it will look GREAT.


Another benefit of our process is the speed at which your developer can get it designed, developed and launched.


You don’t get a robot building your website, you get a person whom you will build a personal relationship with.


Another GOAT Sites feature, all communication mediums and meetings are entirely set by you to take care of whatever needs you have.


We promise you, you will not find custom designed websites of this quality for cheaper anywhere else in the country.

Software Licenses

Our developers get access to agency licenses to allow them to meet your needs. The same used by the following digital brands: 

See Our Innovative Process


If you are entitled to a grant then 100% we will take it and use it as payment. To find out if you are entitled check out https://www.localenterprise.ie/Discover-Business-Supports/Trading-Online-Voucher-Scheme-/

Yes! Any consultation before signing a contract is completely free. If you have a load of questions, ask away.

At GOAT Sites we commit to a lifetime of a simple 40% deposit up front and 60% upon completion and review to make sure you don’t pay for something you are not happy with.

All you need to get started is the type of website you would like built, (brochure, e-commerce or a web app like Moodle for example). Your developer will get a feel for your business before they start so if you are unsure in terms of content or the type of media to include then they will be more then happy to write it for you.

We offer maintenance plans that will keep your website security and software updated as well as write more content for you, at a monthly cost (see our Services Page). If you want to maintain the website yourself just mention it to your developer and they can help you get set up to give you the best chance of keeping it live.

Don’t hesitate to Contact us or feel free to fill out a form and a developer will get back to you.